Saturday, December 07, 2013

o7: Blog Challenge: Your Pet Hates

I'm going to assume that by "pet hates" someone means pet peeves. Pet hates just sounds weird to me, that and I don't really hate anything. Oh, maybe pet loathes.....

  1. Talking to me while I'm watching my stories. I don't care if it's a movie or a show, either wait until it's over or when there's a damn commercial on. Unless you are on fire or someone is dying, shut up.
  2. Calling me every five minutes and never leaving a message. If it's seriously that important, leave a message. Obviously, I'm busy or else I would have answered and/or called you back by now.
  3. Uber-fans, especially fan girls. Okay. I get it. You really like this show, or this movie, or whatever. I know how that feels. I'm a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and Harry Potter could be my Bible. However, I don't have to talk about them every single day, lose my shit and squeal like an idiot when I see anything remotely related to them, or have to bring them into every other conversation and fantasy imaginable. Calm your panties.
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes. I can't stand anything related to this. My IQ dropped ten points after reading that crap. Stop bringing it up.
  5. People who argue they are right even after they realize they are wrong. It doesn't matter what the point was in the first place. Their only objective is to win the argument. Well, now my only objective is to punch you in the face.
  6. The fact that the Disney Channel seems to only have 5 shows they like to play over and over and over again. (OK, I know this is more of a complaint than a pet peeve, but I'm sure some other station does this, and if stations are doing this, STOP IT. It's not cute.)
  7. Drowning yourself in perfume/cologne. I need oxygen to breathe, not whatever the hell you're wearing.
  8. Telling me how fat I am. Because, you know, I don't own a mirror.
  9. Parents who let their children be little shits. This is why murders happen. Also, I get it. You may have a child who may have autism, ADHD/ADD or is mentally handicapped. However, I have a genius daughter who plots mayhem, a daughter with Asperger's, and two younger ones who like to bully you out of your food. It's hard, yes, but I try and keep them as sensible as possible to the best of my abilities. If you are just going to sit on your ass and pretend you didn't see your kid just hit mine, I'm going to walk past you and pretend my hand didn't just hit your face.
  10. People who use their children for attention. Stop suddenly making shit up just to one up someone else. Telling me your child has a food allergy a week after I mention my son's food allergy is stupid. Saying your child has a learning disability a week after your sister-in-law mentions her son has a learning disability is just as stupid. Taking your child to the ER every other week when his temperature is only 99.2 just so everyone can pity you is wasting everyone's time and causing your kid grief. Stop it. It's not cute, and I'm going to hit you. And don't get me started on parents who pit their children against each other in a divorce....Lord, Jesus!
I probably have more pet peeves, but these are the top ten, and in no particular order. I wonder what else bugs me....
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