Thursday, October 31, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Character and Story Notes

Main Characters:
  • Kaya Miller neé Blackthorne: 5’1 (15 dm), petite build. long (almost to knees) curly black hair, brown eyes with dark green flecks. 31yo. nahualli/witch. Family dies in apocalyptic meteor crash. brown skin, button nose, full lips. Exceptional bow hunter. She's very arts & crafts-y, which is why she's survived so long. She knows how to knit, crochet, sew, spin, and basic carpenter skills, along with her hunting skills. She was already a skilled archer before the death of her family, learning with her father when she was a teen. She was very bubbly and outgoing, but due to her family's deaths, she's become very serious and very reserved. 
  • Michael Summerer, 6’4, (20 dm) slender build, shaggy light brown hair, hazel eyes, dimpled cheeks and chin. 33yo. hunter. Family hunts superhumans (Chāozìrán) for profit. Usually carries a small dart gun in a shoulder holster. Somewhat nerdy and more compassionate than his brother. Parents were killed by vampires/zombies shortly after catastrophe. In an attempt to avenge their parents, the boys became hunters. Have no idea that Chaoziran are technically science experiments and work the Capital's disease control center
  • Karl Summerer, 6’1, (18 dm) brawny build, dark brown hair, green eyes, 35yo, hunter. Brother to Michael. Usually carries a pocket knife and a set of lockpicks. Is usually self-absorbed and rather a jerk. He's focused mostly on the money.
The characters' personalities are developing slowly. Oh so slowly.

Post-apocalyptic era.
Planet: Yeni Dunya. The planet revolves around a young sun and has two moons, one red and one yellow. The year consists of 10 months, the day, of 22 hours. The climate is similar to Earth's with four general seasons: pavasaris (spring), vasar (summer), rudens (autumn), zìema (winter)
Flora and Fauna: Closely resembles that of Earth's. NOTE: I've been researching woodland animals, basic animals someone may hunt if living out in the wilderness, specifically  wooded area, and using some form of their scientific classification and names as the new animal names. For example, if Kaya was out hunting and she came across an animal that resembled an opossum, the animal is named "delphi", out of the opossum's scientific name of Didelphimorphia.
  1. Unumber
  2. Secundilis
  3. Tertilis
  4. Quartilis
  5. Quintilis
  6. Sextilis
  7. September
  8. October
  9. November
  10. December
City: Summer Tree. State: Saxet. Area similar to United States called Haven in the continent of Ironside. Year is 3017 CE or 5 ACE
Planet was colonized by Earthlings thousands of years ago. There are five continents: Ironside, Stoneside, Bronzeside, Copperside, Steelside

Background: In the 2060s scientists developed vaccines in an attempt to prolong life. Recipients were adults between 20 to 40 years of age. Most recipients died 5 years after vaccination due to complications. The rest found the vaccination ineffective and died regular deaths from natural causes. In 2086, a second attempt was made with a new type of vaccine. Test subjects were fetus, infants and toddlers, ranging from ages embryo to 5 years. This was the only attempt with this vaccine. No complications were reported. The year is 3012 CE when all hell comes down on Yeni Dunya. 5 asteroids (about 600m in diameter each) plummet into the planet’s surface destroying multiple cities and killing billions. (Population in 3010, approx. 8 billion.) Kaya’s city suffers from impact; her family, husband and 4 children, is killed. Due to radiation caused by asteroids, the children from 2nd vaccine develop DNA-altering side effects, with the exception of skin-walkers and those with zoanthropy/therianthropy who’ve had DNA microinjected. The Chaoziran:
  • Vampirism- photosensitivity, porphyria, polydontia
    • Zombism- a mutation of vampirism, causing mental deterioration.
    • Vampires and zombies are classified under “dhampirs”
  • Witchism- being able to see and feel “energy” or vibrations and bending it to one’s will. Can include psychokinesis.
    • Witches are classified under “nahuallis” and are the rarest form of Chaoziran.
  • Skin-Walkers- microinjection to embryos with DNA from sponges and starfish. Have the ability to detach skin and tissue and generate new skin and tissue. Does not work on bones.
    • Classified as “regenerates” as they regenerate human tissue.
  • Therianthropy/Zoanthropy- (includes but not limited to lycanthropy, galeanthropy, kynanthropy, and ailuranthropy)
    • microinjection to embryos with DNA of a specific animal, such as wolves, cats of various species, and dogs, causing heightened senses, flexibility and mobility.
    • Symptoms are in a constant state of flux with a peak every 29.5 days corresponding with lunar cycles. Does not affect bones.
    • wolf/wolves, lýkos/lýkoi; dog/dogs, kyōn/kynesi; cat/cats, galí̱/galeni; wildcat/wildcats, aílouros/aílouroi
Working Title: Hunted (seriously need to pick a better title, have gotten suggestions but working on it later)
Proper synopsis:
The year is 3017, the planet is Yeni Dunya. Five years have passed since the "end of the world" when 5 large asteroids hit the planet killing billions. Now two types of people remain. The humans, descendants of the Earth people who colonized the planet, and the Chaoziran, supernatural humans whose DNA has been altered by science experiments and the radiation from the meteorites. The scientists want their experiments back and they have contracted bounty hunters to do the job for them.

Kaya Blackthorne is a Chaoziran, a witch-type known as a nahualli. Five years ago, she lost her entire family to the asteroid crash and now lives alone just trying to survive each day. She wanders in the cover of darkness in hopes that no one notices her growing abilities.

Karl and Michael Summerer are bounty hunters and brothers. Their sole purpose in life is to find rogue Chaoziran and return them to the Disease Control Center at their nation's Capitol, for profit, of course. Together, they round up the unwanted and pull a pretty penny for it.

On their mission to obtain Kaya, Karl and Mike realize that maybe their job description isn't so black and white. Will they bring the feisty nahualli to the Capitol in one piece, or will she teach them a lesson of acceptance and rebellion?


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Getting-Ready-for-a-Date Process

  1. Jump in shower and scrub head to foot like scraping off layers of dirt even though took a shower the day before.
  2. Brush teeth in middle of conditioning hair.
  3. Shave like about to be a pin-up for Hustler magazine.
  4. Get out of shower and lotion every inch of body, including face.
  5. Attack body with deodorant, perfume, and baby powder, because even though so fresh and so clean, stress sweat has already started fucking shit up.
  6. Make sure eyebrows are properly plucked; cuss at tweezers.
  7. Make sure no facial hair is above upper lip; cuss even louder at tweezers
  8. Bend upside-down and blow-dry hair into curly mess.
  9. Once dry, separate hair into sections, and straighten the fuck out of it.
  10. Put serum in hair so that it doesn't look like just fried the hell out of it.
  11. Fight with "sexy" underwear.
  12. Fight with pants.
  13. Stand in front of mirror with hair tied back in headband and ponytail with no shirt on and dig through entire make-up bag.
  14. MAKE-UP TIME: Put on foundation and concealer, fill in eyebrows, put on four different kinds of eyeshadow in special technique, place eyeliner in a way that doesn't make like a racoon, add mascara, put on lip-liner, add two shades of lipstick for a specific shade, top off with lip gloss, cover everything in powder to keep everything in place.
  15. Find a shirt, blouse, top, SOMETHING! to keep the sweater puppies from not popping out and the muffin top from not showing.
  16. Accessorize! (includes shoes)
  17. Fuss in front of mirror.
  18. Blog in panic. ;)

And they say getting ready is no big deal...... I'm pooped, but really excited. We hashed out most of the details last week, so we'll be going to dinner at Brio's Tuscan Grille and then a movie at the Regal Arbor 8. I want to avoid romantic-themed movies, like Enough Said, Austenland, and Romeo & Juliet, so I'm thinking of sticking to the suspense-thriller We Are What We Are. Not sure. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. I just have to keep reminding myself I got this. I GOT THIS.

National Novel Writing Month 2013!!

It's that time of year again! The time of year where I hole myself up in my room and type until my fingers bleed! NaNoWriMo is fast approaching with its much anticipated arrival in just two days! For those of you who don't know, I will be spending the entire month of November typing away, screaming, and probably crying, while I take another attempt at a novel! I've done this every November for the past 7 years. I've yet to win a single NaNo, but, just like every year before now, I feel like this year can truly be my year!

So when November rolls around and you're wondering why I haven't left my house, answered any of my calls, and cry uncontrollably, DON'T PANIC. I'm not back in a psychiatric facility or having a nervous breakdown, I'm just trying to pull out my inner author and losing my soul in the process. I'll be back to normal as soon as December hits. :)

Tomorrow I will be attending my FIRST EVER Kick-Off Party here in Austin. It starts at 8, so I'll probably still be in costume from being with the kids, but I know of others who said they will be, too. I'm considering taking photos, but I don't know just yet. There will be a guest speaker, food, and plenty of coffee, tea, and caffeinated beverages to keep us up and running from midnight until 2am. If I do take pictures, I will definitely be posting them. :)

See you soon and enjoy this joyous season!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Moments Lost, Though Time Remains

I had a great weekend with the children. Iris was grounded due to behavior, so I only had Lily, Rose, and Dorian, but we enjoyed ourselves.

On Saturday, after a long day of chores and playing with the kids, I had made plans with two of my old guy friends from high school whom I haven't seen in years. We were supposed to just hang out and chat for a bit, catch up. Well, I was stood up. TWICE. Both of them never showed. Jon was supposed to be there at around 9pm, but he was trying to get his kids to sleep. I kept communication open, but at about 1030 he stopped answering. I waited until 11 before giving up. Matt was supposed to show at midnight, but was held up fixing a friend's car. At 130 he messages me letting me know he's heading out soon, when a giant storm hits at around 145. I was like, "OK, shit happens. Jon probably fell asleep with his kids, and the storm hit too hard for Matt to leave his place." But then neither of them said anything on Sunday. Correction, Jon did confirm he fell asleep and apologized, but that was it. Nothing. Not a word.

It frustrated me to no end. When you tell me we're going to meet up at a certain time, and then don't show and have me wait TWO HOURS, it makes me not want to make any plans with you ever again. Unless you're mom is dying, try and communicate with me the next day, too. I was so mad. I'm over it, though.

My date's on Wednesday and I already have my outfit set out and how I want my hair and make-up to look. I'm obsessing, I know, but my life isn't too exciting these days.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Are We Dreaming There Are Better Days to Come?

I can already tell it's going to be "one of those days."
I have yet to fall asleep. I've been awake since yesterday and my everything hurts. I still have some sort of cold and keep hacking and coughing so much I have a headache.
The cheap cigarettes I bought taste awful. I've bought cheap cigarettes before, but none that have tasted so much like butt.
I had to go over to J's apartment this morning because he locked himself out of his place. Then I had to take the girls' homework folders to the school because J had forgotten to put them in their backpacks.
I've been on the phone all morning with people trying to clear a few things up with welfare.
I just want to sleep. This awake-every-other-day thing is bullshit.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If You Close Your Eyes, Does It Almost Feel Like You've Been Here Before?

I have a date next Wednesday. Yes, an actual date with an actual human being. I'm kind of freaking out about it. Actually, I'm a whole lot freaking out about it, but I'm keeping the panic reigned in.

I got into contact with my old friend Mike about a year or two ago on Facebook. I deleted my account about a month ago, so we've kept in touch through text messages. I've known Mike since we were freshman at Harker Heights high school and were in the same JROTC class and both in the PT/OT team. After I moved and transferred to Shoemaker, I saw him once in a blue moon. We'd bump into each other during JROTC meets until I dropped out my sophomore year, and then at random school events until about the end of junior year or so. Technically, I haven't physically seen him for a little over 10 years now. We both went our separate ways; he joined the Marines and retired about 4 years ago, and of course I got married and had ten million babies.

I'm trying to remember not to panic. Physically, the only thing that has changed on Mike is that he got buff since joining the Marines. He now works in construction so he's still in shape. I, however, did not stay in shape after my breakdown. Sure, I'm no longer 185lbs like I was two months ago, but I'm still 169, which is still much larger than I should be. The last time he saw me, I still had a waif-like appearance. I, personally, hate my new zaftig figure; he doesn't seem to care and sounds amused about the extra padding.

Come next week, I'm sure I'll lose my shit. I'll be fussing about my hair, trying to get it straight in a way that doesn't look like I fried it to death, picking out an outfit that is flattering and doesn't make me look like a busted can of biscuit dough, and making sure that my make-up is nice, but still looks natural. I don't want to end up looking like a panda by the end of the night. Which reminds me, I should not wear only black and white when out and about. The last thing my self-esteem needs is some kid pointing out the small panda having dinner with the nice man.

OK. I'm almost at full panic now and the event is still a week away. Seriously, Vonnie, calm your panties. *facepalm* I was with J for 11 years. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

NaNo and Other Things

I'm hashing out ideas for my nano. I know what I want in the story, but I'm having trouble figuring out the plot line.

The story is that it's the end of the world, and micro-injections was performed on a specific age group. These injections have caused DNA modifications and have caused people to turn into zombies, vampires, therians, and witches. However, these science experiments were toddlers at the time and are now adults with powers they have no idea how they arrived. The scientists want their experiments back, so they've contracted bounty hunters to retrieve them. My main characters are two bounty hunters and a witch. The hunters are obviously after the witch, but she has other plans. They end up becoming friends after she explains to them what is really going on. She even falls in love with one of the hunters. The problem I'm coming to is, where does it go from here? What do they do? Do they end up hunting together to find the experiments that have gone bat-shit and are killing innocents? Do they try and take down the government in an attempt to put an end on the experiments? I DON'T KNOW. Thank goodness NaNoWriMo doesn't start for another couple of weeks.

Iris's birthday is coming up. Dorian had his 18 month check up last week. He isn't speaking at the proper level, only knowing a few words instead of the average 20. He will have to be tested for Autism soon. They thought it was a hearing problem, but I've tested that theory. He can hear just fine, he just has no fucks to give.

I have the kids this weekend and I've been enjoying it with them. :)