Saturday, August 11, 2001

Monthly Stuff...School...ew!

This is like how the school year's gonna be...I'm really bored, so I have to occupy my mind with something...

Aug 7-9----Fish Camp and Registration
Aug 14-20--Teacher Work Days
Aug 21-----First Day of School
Sep 03-----Labor Day Holiday
Oct 18-----Early Out
Oct 19-----Ft. Hood Family Day (Holiday)
Oct 29-----Teacher Work Day
Nov 12-----Veteren's Day Holiday
Nov 21-23--Thanksgiving Vacation
Dec 20-----Early Out
Dec 21-31--Chritsmas Vacation
Jan 01-04--Winter Vacation
Jan 18-----Early Out
Jan 19-----No school
Jan 21-----Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Jan 29-----Teacher Work Day
Feb 07-08--Teacher Work Day
Feb 18-----No School
Mar 18-22--Spring Vacation
Mar 29-----Easter Holiday
Apr 05-----Early Out
May 03-----No School
May 27-----No School
June 6-----Last Day of School
June 7-----Teacher Work Day

Friday, August 10, 2001

School...before it even starts

Argh! School starts in a week and like something days. (Aug. 21) I so want to go so that way I can get a vacation from my mother. YES!

These are the classes I'm taking:

1st Term
AP English 2
Choir Varsity

2nd Term

AP World Geography
Choir Varsity
INPC (Physics and Chem)

It's not technically in that order but close enough. I hope my ID picture came out good, though. I have to go to Drill Team practice all next week at 8 am. Monday and Thursday is from 8 to 4 pm. And then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday is up until 11 am. So I'm gonna be happy those days. I'm still on spinning probation which sucks, b/c I LOVE spinning my rifle. But now I can't until after school starts. :(

Arturo, my ex, poked me in the boob yesterday. I was sitting next to him during our lunch break and he was like, "Did your boobs grow? 'Cause they seem bigger" And then he poked it. And Luis said yeah, that they had grown...and I said so, also. But he didn't have to poke it!And they are still growing b/c they are incredibly so sore right now. I have the curse of the big-breasted family...And it sucks!

I got all my school supplies today. Well, actually the folders that I needed for my binder. I'm gonna have such a weird mix in there. I got Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and N*Sync. Talk about a mess of folders in there!!!

Well, I'm talking to Vanessa right now on IM's. We're making fun of Zeke....well, I am...he left today with his girlfriend to PA. And I'm over here making smart ass comments... :) Just like a Puertorra...gotta luv me!

My boob still hurts...and I have to pee... *sigh*
Well...what was I going to say again? I'm at a blank...
My mom found out yesterday through Chris's mom why Chris and I broke up. So we had a very long concersation and discussion about the whole ordeal. She asked Chris to come over today so that way she could talk to him and I could talk to him better than sending e-mail.

He left about 15 minutes ago. My mom put how she felt about this and how she agreed and disagreed with our choices, then Chris and I talked and this time I actually talked better than just sitting there like a moron and not saying anything. I told him the whole story ike it was, how I felt and everything, and he listend and he understood better. Now we're friends. Now we no longer feel awkward talking to each other and stuff and we both feel a lot better now being able to understand both of our views...

Well, that's about it I'll talk more later when I calm down and finish cleaning.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001


I busted my wrist today in Drill Team practice. Damn stupid wooden rifle. Now I can't spin it for another week and a half. So I'm going to be running on errands and stuff, just watch. But anyways, these damn freshmen are getting on my nerves. They won't let any of the drill teams practice, they all have an attutude problem, and I'm about to kick all of their asses.

Well, I have to shut up and go to church now b/c my ride just got here and I have to eat.

Oh, and almost forgot....Happy sweet 15, Quinceñera...whatever, know what I meant!

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Fish Camp

You know what sucks?? I have to be at school these up coming weeks and school hasn't even started yet!! Today starts the official day of Fish Camp. It's a before-school-starts kind of camp for the incoming Freshmen (fish) at our high school. Me, as a former fish in ROTC, has to help out the other incoming fish to learn hohw to march and spin a rifle and all that good stuff. Which I really do not want to do. So it's like 7:10 in the morning and I'm sitting here in my underwear and a towel wondering...why am I doing this?? Most of my friends are on the Male Drill Team so I don't have to worry about being alone. But I still don't want to do it. I have to be there by 9 am. I'm actually going to be there at around 8:15 considering the fact that I still haven't had my ID for school done yet. (I broke the camera) :)

Vanessa's grounded. I have no idea for how long, but she got caught sneaking out of the house or back of those two. She said she was just out and about. :( She needs to get off groundation though. And Arthur's probably still grounded, too

Well, My long ass hair is getting the chair and stuff wet b/c it's dripping, so I'm going to go put some clothes on now!

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Nothing New...Just the Usual

I'm on the internet talking to friends...Jill said Hi to me. :) Bernadtte and I are having a serious convo about our feelings about Humberto...

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

I came home from PR today. I left Saturday, the 21. I came home around 5:30 pm and my mom wouldn't let me do a damn thing when I got home, so I had to stay home....

I met my real father for the first time ever on the 23. My mom was walking down the street in the pueblo and she spots him in a Beauty Supply store with his wife. She introduced us. I was about to cry. I was thankful I held back all those tears that I felt coming. All I did was look at the floor. I asked him for his address and stuff and he gave it to me. But that was a very unwanted reunion. It came to fast...and nothing was planned, and like always, my mother pissed me off afterward.

We rented a golf cart on my mom's birthday and rode around Palmas Del Mar for the whole day. It was pretty fun because we all took turns driving it. That day was also the Puerto Rican Independence Day. (July 25)

Friday, the 27, my Tio Juan took us to Poncé. It's a very pretty place. We stayed at the Hotel Meliá for three days. He took us to Castillo Seralles, and Hacienda Buena Vista. But they were boring because it felt like I was in History class on a field trip. A Puerto Rican history class.

That was my whole 2 weeks in PR. Talk about seriously boring. I got to watch The Score, starring Robert De Niro. It was a good movie. But I am so glad to be finally home!!