Saturday, December 25, 1999

Merry Christmas (part 2)

Well, the first present I opened was a pack of underwear. :/ I also got some lotion, body wash and perfume. I also got some clothes and a ring and a 1999 Snowflake Bear.

Well, gotta go! Not much to say!

Merry Christmas (part 1)

Merry Christmas! It's 12:10 AM and my mom won't let me open my presents until later on today. I wanna open my presents NOW! But I guess I have to wait till the bright hours of early morning---better than the dark. Now I go to sleep?

Happy Christmas Eve

I can't believe it! One more hour and its Christmas!! (Plus Leah and AJ's anniversary) My anniversary (1 month) is Jan 1, Y2k. I can't wait! I'm getting so many presents this year!

Well, CJ's being a pain in the ass. All during CCD he ignored Jenny. If I went to that church, the priest himself would have to hold me back from killing him. God, he ignored her at the dance last Friday, too. The little asshole. Then he tells Leah that him and Jenny are better off as friends. For God's sake--he asked her out! One day has barely passed and he's already saying, "I think we're better off as friends." The nerve of that guy!

But anyway, calming myself down, I have 40 more minutes till Christmas! I wish Berto was here. We would have been having a blast. Too bad I can't talk to him. I'm grounded from the e-mail. Also, I finally told him that I was sexually abused by my step-dad. Luckily I closed the IM before my step-dad stepped into the room.

Well, since I have like about 35 more minutes till Navidad, make that 34, I'm gonna go! C-ya!

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Mele Kalikimaka!

Sunday, December 19, 1999

Just Another Day

Yes, I know, it's been a long time since I've written---but oh well. Can you believe it? There's only one week until Christmas!! I'm so happy!

Well, I was on the computer with Humberto today. He, Johnathan and I had a conversation about how big my breasts had gotten. It was so funny.

I was going to send the picture of my school ID---my "big-breasted" picture, but my scanner wasn't hooked up.

Yesterday was a half-day at school. They had a dance and everything. I didn't go to school because I would have been stuck for 3 hours in study hall with Ms. Tomimoto!

Guess what! Jenny and CJ go out! Jenny was so happy Thursday when he asked her out. It's her 1st boyfriend---ever!

Well, changing the subject, Mamita got a pic from Gonzalez today. Everyone has gained weight---well, except for Berto---he lost weight. I was talking to him, you know, and he told me that Herman now weighs a little over 150 lbs! I was like---WHAT?!!? I told him that Anthony weighs that much---he said that Anthony was fat. I told him that Anthony is 5'9"---he was like "oh." Berto and John totally freaked when I told them that I could carry him piggyback. I started cracking up.

Well, It's 11 PM and I need to get my sleep. Goodnight and write to you laterz!