Monday, January 01, 2007

My resolutions:
These are more like goals. Set small and steady goals throughout the year and you're a most likely to keep them. That's the one and only resolution I have for this year. Goals; I have plenty.

  • lose weight and get down to the size I was before I married. I've already lost the 15 pounds gained after the pregnancy, now I just need to lose the other fifteen or so pounds I gained when I started dating my husband. He knows that he is blamed for the excess rolls.
  • get good grades. I started classes last month and I intend to finish my AS in two years or less if at all possible. I can't do that if I'm slacking off. Must.Stay.Focused.
  • write religiously in my paper journal. I know I won't have time to post here in this online journal as, well, most of the time, it's too time consuming and I'm on the computer doing homework anyway. This will give my computer a break and will get me back in touch with my lonely diary.
  • write religiously in my Book of Shadows and other corresponding journals. I want to really focus in my path. I want to get back into my religious study and practice what I believe in. I've done well so far but after my dinky attempt of a ritual this past Yule (and I mean a candle, a tray, and a sheet of notebook paper with something scribbled on it last minute) I really need to work on that. I used to be very dedicated. I need to be very dedicated.
  • be a little less chaotic. This will take work, but you never know.
  • work harder on my Mary Kay business. Just because bastard people have no respect or decency for someone's hard work and dedication to create and put up fliers and feel the need to tear them apart or crumple them and leave them on the floor for everyone to see, doesn't mean I should back down. Shoulders back, head high, move on. Must.Stay. Focused.
  • take better care of self. This means cutting back on bad habits, like smoking. As much as I don't want to quit, I know I should. I need to eat right and sleep well. So far, I suck at both. Needs much improvement.
  • love self. Just because I'm uber busy with school, husband, and child, doesn't mean I should forget about myself. I need to remember that I need love, pampering, and attention just as much as everyone and everything else does.
Hope everyone has a memorable and remarkable 2007.
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