Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is just me complaining. Ignore and drive through.

I'm a fat lazy cow. All the weight that I lost before the holidays I gained back sometime in the last two months. I'm back up to 130 and noticebly so. At this point I will never reach my goal weight. True some people say, oh 130 isn't all that bad, but when you're only about 5 feet tall and have a very petite frame, it's a lot like taking Paris Hilton and adding 30 lbs. You'd notice.

I am more than likely flunking out of one or more (if not all) of my classes. I should be more concerned about this, but for some reason I'm not.

I feel like I've hit a slump. I'm depressed, but I try not show it or say anything. I was able to get some business done last night, so that was nice, but I still need to sell 300$ this week if I want to make ANY profit because of my status. I haven't been to church in while since I just haven't felt up to it and I'm just slacking in life.

EDIT: I double-checked to see if I was passing my courses...I only have three. I'm passing all of them, but I have a very low D in one of them.
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