Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is how I feel today: aseguyrfgbhdbvfsdjbvfaljhl

I quite smoking about a week ago. It hasn't been hard or anything, just...odd. It's not like almost two years ago when I quit the first time. Then I had to because I was pregnant and I didn't want to hurt the baby; this was more of a whim. I'm usually a chain-smoker by habit, but as it started get butt-fucking cold outside I smoked less and less. (And I'd get sick more frequently due to standing out in the cold--genius.) So I just said fuck it, I'll quit. So far so good, I guess. When I was pregnant the smell of cigarette would give me cravings, now it just makes me queasy.

DISCLAIMER: T.M.I. WARNING: Skip the following paragraph if you don't want to know about my girl parts. If you really don't care, then drive through.

I've been very crabby lately. Highly irritated by the smallest things. I'm so cranky. I thought that maybe a good long nap would help, but no. I've just felt like being a mean ass. And me bleeding and cramping probably has something to do with it. Now you're probably thinking, "Oh, OK, it's just PMS." No, it's not. I finished my period days ago. My theory is that I just hurt myself or something during sex. It wouldn't be the first time. It's still a pain in my ass.

I'm getting sick again. My allergies are kicking my ass. I'm nauseated. On a good front, I've lost my appetite, which means I'm not over eating. We have no junk food in this house, we're very healthy eaters, so I don't have a junk food problem (unless you count peanut butter and jelly sandwiches being shared with my kid junk) I have an over-eating problem. No fun. No bueno. My stomach hurts. And I feel very hot.

I checked out a handful of books from the library yesterday. At least I'm keeping occupied. I like to read. :) Tomorrow is my two-year wedding anniversary. Since J has to work tonight and will be asleep tomorrow we exchanged gifts today I didn't get J anything as I don't have the money, so I made him a card out of construction paper and notecards. He bought me a fun little drawing tablet for the computer for my design stuff. :) Yay. I know you're jealous. ;)

Ugh. I think I should just go back to bed.
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