Thursday, October 31, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Character and Story Notes

Main Characters:
  • Kaya Miller neé Blackthorne: 5’1 (15 dm), petite build. long (almost to knees) curly black hair, brown eyes with dark green flecks. 31yo. nahualli/witch. Family dies in apocalyptic meteor crash. brown skin, button nose, full lips. Exceptional bow hunter. She's very arts & crafts-y, which is why she's survived so long. She knows how to knit, crochet, sew, spin, and basic carpenter skills, along with her hunting skills. She was already a skilled archer before the death of her family, learning with her father when she was a teen. She was very bubbly and outgoing, but due to her family's deaths, she's become very serious and very reserved. 
  • Michael Summerer, 6’4, (20 dm) slender build, shaggy light brown hair, hazel eyes, dimpled cheeks and chin. 33yo. hunter. Family hunts superhumans (Chāozìrán) for profit. Usually carries a small dart gun in a shoulder holster. Somewhat nerdy and more compassionate than his brother. Parents were killed by vampires/zombies shortly after catastrophe. In an attempt to avenge their parents, the boys became hunters. Have no idea that Chaoziran are technically science experiments and work the Capital's disease control center
  • Karl Summerer, 6’1, (18 dm) brawny build, dark brown hair, green eyes, 35yo, hunter. Brother to Michael. Usually carries a pocket knife and a set of lockpicks. Is usually self-absorbed and rather a jerk. He's focused mostly on the money.
The characters' personalities are developing slowly. Oh so slowly.

Post-apocalyptic era.
Planet: Yeni Dunya. The planet revolves around a young sun and has two moons, one red and one yellow. The year consists of 10 months, the day, of 22 hours. The climate is similar to Earth's with four general seasons: pavasaris (spring), vasar (summer), rudens (autumn), zìema (winter)
Flora and Fauna: Closely resembles that of Earth's. NOTE: I've been researching woodland animals, basic animals someone may hunt if living out in the wilderness, specifically  wooded area, and using some form of their scientific classification and names as the new animal names. For example, if Kaya was out hunting and she came across an animal that resembled an opossum, the animal is named "delphi", out of the opossum's scientific name of Didelphimorphia.
  1. Unumber
  2. Secundilis
  3. Tertilis
  4. Quartilis
  5. Quintilis
  6. Sextilis
  7. September
  8. October
  9. November
  10. December
City: Summer Tree. State: Saxet. Area similar to United States called Haven in the continent of Ironside. Year is 3017 CE or 5 ACE
Planet was colonized by Earthlings thousands of years ago. There are five continents: Ironside, Stoneside, Bronzeside, Copperside, Steelside

Background: In the 2060s scientists developed vaccines in an attempt to prolong life. Recipients were adults between 20 to 40 years of age. Most recipients died 5 years after vaccination due to complications. The rest found the vaccination ineffective and died regular deaths from natural causes. In 2086, a second attempt was made with a new type of vaccine. Test subjects were fetus, infants and toddlers, ranging from ages embryo to 5 years. This was the only attempt with this vaccine. No complications were reported. The year is 3012 CE when all hell comes down on Yeni Dunya. 5 asteroids (about 600m in diameter each) plummet into the planet’s surface destroying multiple cities and killing billions. (Population in 3010, approx. 8 billion.) Kaya’s city suffers from impact; her family, husband and 4 children, is killed. Due to radiation caused by asteroids, the children from 2nd vaccine develop DNA-altering side effects, with the exception of skin-walkers and those with zoanthropy/therianthropy who’ve had DNA microinjected. The Chaoziran:
  • Vampirism- photosensitivity, porphyria, polydontia
    • Zombism- a mutation of vampirism, causing mental deterioration.
    • Vampires and zombies are classified under “dhampirs”
  • Witchism- being able to see and feel “energy” or vibrations and bending it to one’s will. Can include psychokinesis.
    • Witches are classified under “nahuallis” and are the rarest form of Chaoziran.
  • Skin-Walkers- microinjection to embryos with DNA from sponges and starfish. Have the ability to detach skin and tissue and generate new skin and tissue. Does not work on bones.
    • Classified as “regenerates” as they regenerate human tissue.
  • Therianthropy/Zoanthropy- (includes but not limited to lycanthropy, galeanthropy, kynanthropy, and ailuranthropy)
    • microinjection to embryos with DNA of a specific animal, such as wolves, cats of various species, and dogs, causing heightened senses, flexibility and mobility.
    • Symptoms are in a constant state of flux with a peak every 29.5 days corresponding with lunar cycles. Does not affect bones.
    • wolf/wolves, lýkos/lýkoi; dog/dogs, kyōn/kynesi; cat/cats, galí̱/galeni; wildcat/wildcats, aílouros/aílouroi
Working Title: Hunted (seriously need to pick a better title, have gotten suggestions but working on it later)
Proper synopsis:
The year is 3017, the planet is Yeni Dunya. Five years have passed since the "end of the world" when 5 large asteroids hit the planet killing billions. Now two types of people remain. The humans, descendants of the Earth people who colonized the planet, and the Chaoziran, supernatural humans whose DNA has been altered by science experiments and the radiation from the meteorites. The scientists want their experiments back and they have contracted bounty hunters to do the job for them.

Kaya Blackthorne is a Chaoziran, a witch-type known as a nahualli. Five years ago, she lost her entire family to the asteroid crash and now lives alone just trying to survive each day. She wanders in the cover of darkness in hopes that no one notices her growing abilities.

Karl and Michael Summerer are bounty hunters and brothers. Their sole purpose in life is to find rogue Chaoziran and return them to the Disease Control Center at their nation's Capitol, for profit, of course. Together, they round up the unwanted and pull a pretty penny for it.

On their mission to obtain Kaya, Karl and Mike realize that maybe their job description isn't so black and white. Will they bring the feisty nahualli to the Capitol in one piece, or will she teach them a lesson of acceptance and rebellion?

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