Monday, October 28, 2013

Moments Lost, Though Time Remains

I had a great weekend with the children. Iris was grounded due to behavior, so I only had Lily, Rose, and Dorian, but we enjoyed ourselves.

On Saturday, after a long day of chores and playing with the kids, I had made plans with two of my old guy friends from high school whom I haven't seen in years. We were supposed to just hang out and chat for a bit, catch up. Well, I was stood up. TWICE. Both of them never showed. Jon was supposed to be there at around 9pm, but he was trying to get his kids to sleep. I kept communication open, but at about 1030 he stopped answering. I waited until 11 before giving up. Matt was supposed to show at midnight, but was held up fixing a friend's car. At 130 he messages me letting me know he's heading out soon, when a giant storm hits at around 145. I was like, "OK, shit happens. Jon probably fell asleep with his kids, and the storm hit too hard for Matt to leave his place." But then neither of them said anything on Sunday. Correction, Jon did confirm he fell asleep and apologized, but that was it. Nothing. Not a word.

It frustrated me to no end. When you tell me we're going to meet up at a certain time, and then don't show and have me wait TWO HOURS, it makes me not want to make any plans with you ever again. Unless you're mom is dying, try and communicate with me the next day, too. I was so mad. I'm over it, though.

My date's on Wednesday and I already have my outfit set out and how I want my hair and make-up to look. I'm obsessing, I know, but my life isn't too exciting these days.
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