Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Are We Dreaming There Are Better Days to Come?

I can already tell it's going to be "one of those days."
I have yet to fall asleep. I've been awake since yesterday and my everything hurts. I still have some sort of cold and keep hacking and coughing so much I have a headache.
The cheap cigarettes I bought taste awful. I've bought cheap cigarettes before, but none that have tasted so much like butt.
I had to go over to J's apartment this morning because he locked himself out of his place. Then I had to take the girls' homework folders to the school because J had forgotten to put them in their backpacks.
I've been on the phone all morning with people trying to clear a few things up with welfare.
I just want to sleep. This awake-every-other-day thing is bullshit.

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