Sunday, January 08, 2012

Suck It Up, Buttercup

Currently sitting in a team meeting via ustream broadcast. It's a bit frustrating having to watch it online, but considering I am in Texas and this is happening live in Ohio, I have to suck it up, or go to Ohio for a weekend every month. Granted, I wouldn't mind visiting my sponsor, Danita, because she is fabulous, but I AM POOR, damn it. People just need to realize that standing right in front of the laptop filming the meeting makes it very hard for those viewing online to see a damn thing. Also, that not having the camera facing the people who are talking makes it difficult to hear what they are saying, unless they are like me and naturally loud. :) Granted, I get it. The room is small and crowded...BUT STILL. :D
We headed to Joe's yesterday. Lauren and Joey took us out to the park for a picnic. It was really nice. Minus the allergies (allergic to the high pollen count of cedar and plane here in TX as well as Joe's 3 cats), I enjoyed myself. I think we had a good time. I know the girls did. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 as well as the first half of Hot Fuzz. We had to leave before the movie was over to head back home. Then we got lost, which just frustrated the hell out of J and me, so we were not happy campers when we got home. A lot of angriness at night, but they day seemed fun. :)

I am so tired. These allergies are kicking my ass. I hurt, a lot. Dorian keeps tugging at my scar with his big ol' head, and the pain is making nauseous. I feel like I do when I'm on my period. I hate it, but again, something I just have to suck up.

I need a nap. SO much to do tomorrow. We get to see the public housing authority tomorrow!! *fingers crossed*
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