Monday, January 09, 2012

Paperwork Sucks

So I had my appointment with housing this morning. I waited very little and was seen for maybe 15 minutes just to be handed even MORE paperwork. My application was fine, I was missing a few things (due to me listening to my mother), but they gave me 2 weeks to turn it in before denying me anything. And even if I had everything, it still takes them a MONTH before they can tell you whether or not they have anything available. I feel sorry for those who don't make enough for public housing and need section 8. The wait list to *that* is closed. They are no longer accepting applications. I believe after February, public housing won't be accepting them, either. So many people homeless; so many broke people. By the way, if you think you can get public housing just like that, you can't. It's a ridiculous amount of red-tape. Also, you *have* to have a job to qualify. Disabled persons, however, get first pick, as it isn't their fault they can't work. I have to print out a good amount of documentation for them to have by the 23rd. I also lost my SS card, so I need to go find that, or at least replace it.

Many errands to run tomorrow. I have an OB appointment as well. My body aches and I'm about to do my full moon ritual. I think I'll go to bed early.
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