Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Boredome in Early Morning

My goodness!! Chris came over today at 11 to help my mom. José has the nerve to help him wake me up. José has taken pictures (of me trying to sleep) and he threw candy and pillows at me. Chris decided it would be fun to land on me to wake me up.

When my whole family was gone, Chris and I were left alone in my living room. I have this thing that if I play with his ear, it turns him on. It drives him nuts. So he pretty much ended up fingering me with TWO of his fingers. (his fingers are huge) And those two put together are the same diamter as his...I think I should be left alone more often. :) I need practice for the future!

But then I got dirty helping my mom and Chris with the yard work. Man, did I stink! Well, I'm exhuasted, so I'm going to bed now...
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