Saturday, June 30, 2001

Typical Guy!

Guys! They are so stupid! Thank goodness I'm bi! I got girls to back me up when I need it, and they can treat me right! Vanessa's having a few probs, and as her personal teenaged shrink I was kinda helpin her out.

Well, she goes w/ Amber, but Zeke is kinda screwing with Nessa's head. So she's all confused. So us girls are sitting here reading his journal entry and he lays it out like Nessa and his g/f are some type of exhibits! And Nessa's "B". I was like...Jesus! Hell, I'd be like...sorry, but i aint no exhibit B...get your own damn lab, and keep me away from it...your stuck with a...b/c i'm a human being and i'm gonna be talked about as one!

If I was talkin about a girl I wanted to be with and some guy I wanted to be with I would not make them box 1 and 2, I would use thier names...I mean, they do have one!! Well, Nessa's gonna go post her "exhibit B" comment! ::devious smile:: Smell ya later!
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