Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Talk About a Boring Day

I am so extremely bored today. I was online doing stuff, but I was barely on because there really wasn't anything to do. For another thing, I barely did anything in school today, too. Homeroom was a bore. First period we just sang, like always, 2nd period we did our weights again, 3rd we watched a Benedict Arnold movie, 4th period we had a quiz on our design and had a free period. That one was good. Fifth period we did our Journals, read, and worked on our mini-packets, and 6th period we graded our homework, which I didn't do, and got our tests back. I got a 90% on my test. I should be so proud. (I got an A on my test!)

Well, Brandie and Lizzie started bothering Justin. You know how Angie had told him that I liked him, well, they found out, by me, and started mocking him. Justin was passing by with his crew, Thomas, Dumbo, Paul...and Brandie started saying, 'You know you like her!' And Lizzie was like, 'Yeah, you know you do!' He just ignored them, but he's ears got so RED!! His friends were like, 'What are they talking about?' He was like, 'Oh, nothing, it's nothing...' Brandie and Lizzie told me this and I just started laughing. But what if it is true? What if he does like me also? What if he does, but he just doesn't want to admit it? Awe, and anyway, if he did, it's too late to have a chance with him. One, because I'm moving in June, and Two, because I now go out with CJ. But oh, well. I'm still bored, though.

I have no school tomorrow, so that's a plus. My minus is that I'm still bored. I have to stay active so I won't like totally fall asleep from boredom. Britney Spears is over here in Oahu. She had her concert earlier this evening. Brandie got to go. Nestor was going to take me, also, but he knew the place was going to be way too jammed packed. So we didn't get to go. I'll just ask Brandie how the concert was, tomorrow. By the way, the concert was FREE--since FOX or something was sponsoring it! Well, not much time, and I really am bored. I'm probably going to get online again.
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