Monday, April 24, 2000

Easter y2k

Well, Happy Easter! I didn't go to church today. Mamita woke up EXTREMELY late this morning. Well, actually this afternoon. I was the only one up on time. I, on a weekend, was actually up before everyone else. Now that's something you don't see every day. Unfortunately, since I didn't go to church, I couldn't do nursery. So that really sucked. But the whole day was pretty OK. Boring, but OK. I talked to John and Katie today on AOL, and e-mailed Ryan, whom I haven't heard from in a while. I was e-mailing Anna, but AOL kicked me off. Somehow the connection was lost. Somebody must have tried to call. Nothing new has happened, though. I got to watch Mary Poppins, Gremlins, and a few cartoons. I played the N64 for a while and listened to some music, but other than that, the day was pretty normal. Boring as usual. I can't wait for tomorrow, though. Monday we do have school, but we have Tuesday off. That's rather retarded, though. I mean, having a day off in the middle of the week better than near the ends. Like Monday or Friday would have been nice. I have everything ready for school; I just have one problem... I didn't do my Math usual. I like Math and all, but working out of the same book I did last year is a little boring, you know? But anyway, I really want to see CJ--of course I want to see my boyfriend. I'm still a little bit sad that Andrew and I broke up, but it was for the best. I mean, now he has Erica and I have CJ, so it really wouldn't matter. Angela ended up telling Justin I liked him. Even though she told him Friday, I'm still in the whirl of it all. I forgot that Angela does any dare you dare her to do. Just as long as that dare is legal or she won't get in trouble by doing it. Justin was red in the face and didn't come out of his house for the rest of the day, probably because I was over. But oh, well. Life goes on, as I always say. Well, I better get to sleep if I want to get up early enough in the morning to catch the bus on time and not skip breakfast!
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