Saturday, April 22, 2000

Normal Day

Well, today's been a normal day. It's been a while since I last wrote, so bear with me. Well, we still don't know where we are headed. I mean, I know Mamita said that we are going to move to Texas, but we're still not sure. I mean, since Daddy's death, we really don't know what's going on. Well, me anyway. We still don't know why Daddy did it. I mean, the last person he talked to was Pablo, and nobody knows what they talked about except Daddy and Pablo himself. I, for one, really want to know. I know the rest of us want to know, too. I mean, I know it wasn't the whole case. He had a lot of other problems going to him, and it wasn't just the sexual abuse case. Even though, me opening my big mouth made it worse. I should have never said anything, but I had carried it for two years, but still. I should have kept quiet. Daddy had enough problems as it was...but now it's too late. He took the stupid decision of committing suicide. Well, I just hope he's at peace, because I know I sure ain't watching Mamita trying to figure out what to do next. And I don't even know what to do! Well, tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so I better be getting off to bed. I have nursery duty. I just hope things do get better, eventually.
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