Tuesday, April 25, 2000

No Real Title

Well, today was a very hot and boring day. I had to mow the lawn. (Yippee.) But I just wrote an e-mail to Humberto telling him that I'm not a big hoe. OK, at times I can be a hoochie, or a hoe, but I'm not the next future prostitute of America! So I just wrote him and sent him a pic. He wanted a recent picture so I gave him one. Which reminds me. He still hasn't sent me one of his! I'm going to kill that little twerp. But anyway, Danny and I talked on AOL for about an hour and then she went to sleep. I stayed on for a few minutes. I was on AOL for almost 2 hours! I had spent 100 minutes online. Luckily its unlimited access. So I can always get online for as long as I want with no extra pay. It stays 19.95 every month, and you can stay online for 3 days without paying a penny more! But there isn't much to talk about. I mean, today was a bore. Tomorrow I have school, so I get to see the whole crew. But anyway, I better get going to sleep. I have to get my stuff ready for school...I forgot to do the rest of my Math (again)!
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