Thursday, February 24, 2011

a good friend of mine has been in the ICU for the past few days; he had a heart-attack.
i owe over 3000$ in medical debt.
our water heater busted last night; just split open.
j is still unemployed.
i haven't been called to work in a month.
i feel like my world is falling apart.
i have not had a restful night's sleep in a long time.
the love for my children and my faith is what's keeping me sane.
i'm tired of people calling me over their PETTY drama. i'm on the verge of bankruptcy and being homeless; i don't care about their same-shit-different-day bullshit.
i think i'm going to have me a few days of silence for internal contemplation.
i don't want to be here. it's time to regroup.
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