Thursday, February 10, 2011


These are goals that I am trying to achieve. Each has a listed time frame and what I am doing to achieve said goal.

  • Lose 40lbs (withiin 6 months)
I recently joined a gym at the end of January. It's only been a week and I've lost 3 lbs. If I keep this up, I should lose the amount needed. I've been using to track my exercises and food intake. So far so good.

  • Join the military (in 6 months)
I have stopped going to counseling to make this happen. I have to be out of it for at least 6 months. Come August, it will be almost 7 months.

  • Get a BA degree in History and English (since 2010--4 years)
I go to Ashford and so far have 21 or so credits. I should graduate within the next 3 years. I will have attended AU for a year next month.

  • Get a MA in Theology (from 2014--2 years)
[see above]

  • Become military clergy (after 6 years)
The guidelines to become clergy in the military are as so: you need to be an officer. To have officer rank, you need a BA or BS. To become clergy you need at least 2 years of religious leadership experience (which I do) and an MA in Theology. [see above]

  • Clean and organize my entire house (within 3 months)
My house is a WRECK. I've been doing the little rooms first to work my way up. OH MY GOSH WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH SHIT.
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