Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I started a little meme on Facebook about random facts about oneself. Here are my random facts, just to have as a list if ever anyone decided to ask.

Fact #18: My stepdad was an asshole (abusive) and my bio-dad was never there. The only parent in my life has been my mom, and though she drives me crazy, I still think she's awesome.

Fact #17: I haven't dyed my hair in 5 years.

Fact #16: I am jack of all trades, and master of none. Any skill I have acquired over the years is mediocre at best. I got skills, though. Mad skills.

Fact #15: My husband dresses me. He and my mom buy my clothes. If I dressed myself, I'd resemble an acid trip or something out of an 80s music video.

Fact #14: I am shy when I *first* meet people.

Fact #13: I have an oral fixation that I have been taming with cigarettes since I was 13. Before then, I chewed on everything.

Fact #12: I have a fascination with breasts. No matter what size or shape they are I.must.touch.them. I grope myself frequently because of this.

Fact #11: I must stay active even when being "still." I jiggle my legs when I sit; I sway when I stand

fact #10: I must be standing to cut something. Teachers constantly asked me if I wanted to sit down when doing arts and crafts because I had to do everything standing up.

Fact #9: In my child and teen years I read adult fiction. In my adult years, I read teen fiction. :)

Fact #8: If I buy a book from a series, every book in that series must have the same style binding, i.e. all paperback. In my shelves Harry Potter and House of Night is all paperback, while all of Twilight is hardback.

Fact #7: In my 24yrs of life, I've tried to commit suicide twice (once when I was 12, the other when I was 18) and failed both times because I didn't do it right.

Fact #6: I have electronic fail. I've broken almost every computer we have ever owned.

Fact #5: I had a sticker collection between ages 9 and 13 that ended with over 4000 stickers.

Fact #4: I can only eat an even number of anything, such as 2 m&m's or 6 marshmallows, etc.

Fact #3: My bestie, Andy, calls me "oak bark" due to one night looking through Scentsy products and talking about the colors of vaginas.

Fact #2: English, my primary language, is actually my 2nd language.

Fact #1: I think clowns are scary. I really, really, really, REALLY don't like clowns.
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