Friday, August 10, 2001

School...before it even starts

Argh! School starts in a week and like something days. (Aug. 21) I so want to go so that way I can get a vacation from my mother. YES!

These are the classes I'm taking:

1st Term
AP English 2
Choir Varsity

2nd Term

AP World Geography
Choir Varsity
INPC (Physics and Chem)

It's not technically in that order but close enough. I hope my ID picture came out good, though. I have to go to Drill Team practice all next week at 8 am. Monday and Thursday is from 8 to 4 pm. And then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday is up until 11 am. So I'm gonna be happy those days. I'm still on spinning probation which sucks, b/c I LOVE spinning my rifle. But now I can't until after school starts. :(

Arturo, my ex, poked me in the boob yesterday. I was sitting next to him during our lunch break and he was like, "Did your boobs grow? 'Cause they seem bigger" And then he poked it. And Luis said yeah, that they had grown...and I said so, also. But he didn't have to poke it!And they are still growing b/c they are incredibly so sore right now. I have the curse of the big-breasted family...And it sucks!

I got all my school supplies today. Well, actually the folders that I needed for my binder. I'm gonna have such a weird mix in there. I got Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and N*Sync. Talk about a mess of folders in there!!!

Well, I'm talking to Vanessa right now on IM's. We're making fun of Zeke....well, I am...he left today with his girlfriend to PA. And I'm over here making smart ass comments... :) Just like a Puertorra...gotta luv me!

My boob still hurts...and I have to pee... *sigh*
Well...what was I going to say again? I'm at a blank...
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