Wednesday, August 01, 2001

I came home from PR today. I left Saturday, the 21. I came home around 5:30 pm and my mom wouldn't let me do a damn thing when I got home, so I had to stay home....

I met my real father for the first time ever on the 23. My mom was walking down the street in the pueblo and she spots him in a Beauty Supply store with his wife. She introduced us. I was about to cry. I was thankful I held back all those tears that I felt coming. All I did was look at the floor. I asked him for his address and stuff and he gave it to me. But that was a very unwanted reunion. It came to fast...and nothing was planned, and like always, my mother pissed me off afterward.

We rented a golf cart on my mom's birthday and rode around Palmas Del Mar for the whole day. It was pretty fun because we all took turns driving it. That day was also the Puerto Rican Independence Day. (July 25)

Friday, the 27, my Tio Juan took us to Poncé. It's a very pretty place. We stayed at the Hotel Meliá for three days. He took us to Castillo Seralles, and Hacienda Buena Vista. But they were boring because it felt like I was in History class on a field trip. A Puerto Rican history class.

That was my whole 2 weeks in PR. Talk about seriously boring. I got to watch The Score, starring Robert De Niro. It was a good movie. But I am so glad to be finally home!!
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