Friday, August 10, 2001

My mom found out yesterday through Chris's mom why Chris and I broke up. So we had a very long concersation and discussion about the whole ordeal. She asked Chris to come over today so that way she could talk to him and I could talk to him better than sending e-mail.

He left about 15 minutes ago. My mom put how she felt about this and how she agreed and disagreed with our choices, then Chris and I talked and this time I actually talked better than just sitting there like a moron and not saying anything. I told him the whole story ike it was, how I felt and everything, and he listend and he understood better. Now we're friends. Now we no longer feel awkward talking to each other and stuff and we both feel a lot better now being able to understand both of our views...

Well, that's about it I'll talk more later when I calm down and finish cleaning.
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