Sunday, May 07, 2000

Life in General...

I know I haven't done an entry for a long time, but oh, well. I'm PROBABLY going to be doing these every Saturday to save time. Anyway, I broke up with CJ like Wednesday. Nothing was really going on and he wasn't really used to having a girlfriend so we both decided to just break it off. Well, the banquet is coming up soon and I don't know with whom I'm going to dance with, probably just with Brandie. That's what we usually do. We slow dance together like two idiotic dorks. If not, I'll ask CJ if he wants to dance. I mean, we still ARE friends, you know. Well, this will probably be my shortest entry because nothing new has happened. Angela's not going to be here for the banquet, and neither is Lizzie. Sarah's mom said she couldn't go. So it's only going to be Leah, Brandie, Sherena and me chilling at the table. It's going to be so lonesome without the rest of the crew. Well, you know us crack-heads will always be the life of the party. A lot of others are going to be there. Unfortunately Anthony H., ex-boyfriend #1 from this school year, is going to be there. I'll probably be yelling at him throughout the whole dance. (Big whoop.) Well, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning because my mother insists on going to the flea market. I insist on going to the PX or the library, by MYSELF. I don't mind going with my mother it's just that we live in different worlds... Well, I must be going now and you know how Mamita is if I don't get up in the morning. She always got to be bitching about something. And I really don't want to go. But any, I can always replace that one bracelet Desma decided to borrow and keep. At least she paid the one-dollar to buy a new one. I should have said it was three. But who cares, just as long as I get my bracelet. Which reminds me, Amanda still owes me my blue one, and Nestor S. owes me a dollar for losing my clear one. I'll get them soon at church someday. I just hope it's sooner than later.
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