Saturday, April 11, 2015


My life is one hot mess.
I'm okay with that...sort of.
I have goals set out for the next year. I plan to finish my memoir and attempt to get it published. I plan to finish my novel and attempt to get it properly edited. I plan to wean myself off of electroconvulsive therapy. I also plan to finish the cosmetology program I started on the 7th. The classes cut into my visiting time with the kids (I have class on Saturday) so I only see them Sunday, but I still have time to read them a story over the phone at bedtime, and there will be a few holidays.
My life revolves around helping my mom, going to my medical appointments, and now, school.
I'm tired of life; my symptoms still pop up and frustrate my day, but I'm trying.
I just have to remember I'm still standing, I'm stronger than this.
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