Friday, June 19, 2009

The Storm Rages

I'm writing this at 417 in the morning. Whenever I post this, I don't know. There's currently a nasty storm raging outside. I haven't slept. I stayed up late organizing a photo album on my Facebook profile until a little past midnight. Then some BH contractions hit and I spent another 20 minutes walking around the kitchen to alleviate them. I headed to bed anyway but ended up getting out of bed several times to either pee or walk around some more. Then Rose had the hiccups. Needless to say I didn't finally fall alseep until almost 2am. I was woken up a half hor later by the thunder that was rumbling so loudly it shook my house and the lightning flashes that made me feel as if paparazzi were outside my window. I went downstairs to make sure the computer was turned off and brought the dog inside. I then checked on the girls and tried to go back to sleep. (not an easy task)

Three thirty rolls around and I'm woken up again, this time by the sound out our bedroom sink (don't ask, it was there when we bought the house) making gurgling draining noises. Debating whether or not the drainage was from outside or the basement, I got dressed and went to the basement just to make sure to find the wall had cracked and pulled apart again and rainwater was leaking all over the floor. I then hastened to move any unprotected valuables off the ground. It took a lot more time and energy than I really wanted to use.

And so we've come full circle. It's past 430 and I still need sleep. So goodnight/good morning to all.
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