Friday, September 23, 2016

What's New

Things are happening.
1. The trip to the hospital was, thankfully, a short visit. Even though I had an episode one day, they had me go home a couple days later. They took me off my wellbutrin all together, upped my prozac, and kept my zyprexa normal.
2. To continue, the urge to steal is minimal. I still get the urge, but I don't give in. I caved a little today, but it was the first time since being home from the hospital and I only took one thing. I know that's still bad, but it's better than it was.
3. I went to my friend, Tina's, house for the autumn equinox and she told me she has a room available. So, yay, I have a place to live in that's close to the kids. She lives about twenty minutes away in Round Rock and only 10 minutes away from where I plan to work at.
4. Currently completely out of money. I'm pretty much stranded here at J's, but it's fine. J, having been fired last month, is having the time of his life being home, but he's broke as shit and is starting to panic. Unemployment will *maybe* hit on Monday

That is all.
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