Sunday, May 01, 2011

Circle Jerk

So I finally talked to J about the money I owe my school. At first I thought it was owed because of the failed classes I have, but in reality, It would have been a LOT more than that if it were. My classes are about 800$ after their military discount, so I would have had to owe much more. What I realized is that I will probably owe one grand at the end of every year. Unfortunately, since I realized this NOW, I have absolutely no money saved up, as I ended up using all of my savings and everything in my bank account for bills. *sigh.* J says we will have to pay, since we currently need my VA, but to do that, that means we have to dip into his savings, which is meant for the mortgage payments. *sigh* When it rains it pours. Life is just one big circle jerk. So, to make up for it, instead of getting the tattoos I wanted, which we put aside for and is almost a grand, we'll use that money. I was really hoping to finally add my irises and roses to the bouquet of lilies, but I guess that will just have to wait for a while. I mean, I already waited almost 4 years; what's another year?

Things I need to do before I move:
o Deep clean loveseat
o deep clean blue couch
o deep clean blue chair
o clean and sort through craft room
o sort through children's toys
o sort through books
o deep clean futon
o sort through clothing
o clean this goddamn house
o hold garage sale?

o pets
----vaccinate Gary and Jules on Friday of this week, donate them w/ Nam to shelter by Wed/Thurs of next week. (If any of them have room.)
o furniture:
----blue couch
----matching chair
----drop leaf dining table and chairs
----extra dining table
----toddler bed
o miscellaneous
----80% of the toys (donate to children's hospital)
----clothing that does not fit and has not been worn in the past 3 years.

*Must discuss other things with husband.
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