Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Vacation Time

So far, my vacation has been going well. Last night alone was HILARIOUSLY spent with my, then seriously tipsy, MIL. I should also add that I was pretty tipsy myself. ;)

One thing I am certain about: I am SO GLAD that I live in Iowa, MANY miles away from my family and all of their drama. My mother made a couple of comments yesterday that really pissed me off. I had mentioned some old family friends that I hope to visit next year and she negatively interjected with "I don't even know what to say about those people." Seriously? They are like family. We've known them nigh about 25 years. They helped RAISE ME!. Ugh. And then I mention another friend of the family who is throwing a Quincenera for her daughter (the Hispanic coming-of-age celebration when your daughter turns 15) and that was another moment where I just did not want to be in the room. I don't care about this person's personal life. I don't care if it's a hot mess. My life isn't perfect, and I am not here to judge. I was invited to a party to celebrate an auspicious occasion. I don't give a flying fuck about how they are dealing with their drama. To top it off my brother is kind of being a douche and my sister has her own drama. It gets under my skin. My mother is a pastor. I love her, and I know she's not perfect, but jeez, should a pastor talk about people like that? Should a pastor judge others in that way? Seriously? She gets on her preachy almighty horse trying to bring others to the Truth, but she turns around and acts like that? Ugh. Just, ugh.

Other than that, I am REALLY enjoying my stay. I went crazy spending money and am now negative a hundred dollars in my bank account in just 4 days. I don't know where my head went. I should have just spent it all on crack cocaine. At least then I'd have a reason as to why I couldn't remember. I've also spent a lot of much needed, um, "quality" time with J. *wink-wink* Now all I have to do is write my paper for my class that is due on Saturday. I've been looking for excuses *not* to do it. But at least I am passing. I've stayed a good week ahead in my work so far, but it's only week 2 out of 5.
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