Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So yesterday afternoon I decided to go to the doctor. For the past couple of days I have been VERY sick. Granted for the past couple of months I have been sick with my own ear infections and sinus infections, but not as bad as I was this weekend. My ENTIRE body hurt. I had a headache that wouldn't go away, I had a ton of sinus pressure, my whole body ached, and I whistled and wheezed when I breathed. I sounded like creaky floor boards and a death rattle. To top it off I was hormonal and testy because I was menstruating as well, so I also had terrible cramps and bloating. Oh joy. So when I sit on the exam table at the hospital today after Rita (my doctor) checks me out, she sits down, clasps her hands and says "Ok, so this is what we're going to do..." Great. That never sounds good at a doctors office. Long story short on am currently on 6 different medications, 5 of with I got today.

I take a medicated nasal spray every morning to keep my nose clear and my allergies at bay. (Rita was surprised at how clear my nasal cavaties were and its all thanks to that little guy) I now have two inhalers, one that I take twice every day that has a steriod, and the other to use throughout the day when I have trouble breathing like I had on Sunday. Then I have two separate antibiotics to take (one twice a day and the other 3 pills every day) as well as an antihistamine that won't knock me the fuck out. I'm on this regime for the next 10 days...that means our family's winter vacation is going to be a blast! [/sarcasm] This is what I get for being the idiot who smokes outside in negative degree weather.

I've been smoking again because of stress. I've quit multiple times, and I had reached up to a year at one point, but these kids are just driving me nuts. I've tried multiple tactics and I'm just not good at them so I give up (which I *know* I shouldn't do--I'm working on it) Smoking has always been my fall back guy, and for now, it's the only thing that is helping me not to lose my cool with the girls. So I've been going to therapy with Beckie again every month but this time for stress and anger management. My depression has actually been dormant and has not reared its ugly head. But the other two, that's a different story. I've been writing constantly in my paper journal and take it to my session and I've begun and behavior chart for both the children and I for behavior modification.

We're leaving for Texas on Saturday the 19th and will be gone until January 3. I'm fretting the car trip (I have motion sickness--go figure-LOL) but I am looking forward to showing off the girls and spending time with family. They get on my nerves a lot, but I do love the hell out of them...

There's so much more to write about but its late and I have to sleep if I want to wake up early enough to make sure Lily is fully attired in her snow gear for school tomorrow/today. She has a concert in the evening she's been practicing for. I'm really starting to get sick of Jungle Bells now. LOL.
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