Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So, Tuesday morning was a lovely lunar eclipse. I sat outside and watched it until about a half hour before it ended. Why leave so soon? Because I went down the front steps of our yard to get to the street as the moon had moved and was being blocked by the trees. I missed the third to the last step and fell the last couple down to the sidewalk. No, I did not land on my belly. I had braced myself (as I did theatre and I know how to fall a certain way) so that I would not injure myself. Unfortunately, these steps and the sidewalk are pavement. So I now have a severely skinned knee, a scraped foot, a cut toe, a torn toenail, and a scratched leg. My foot is sore, but has scabbed over, my skin is dry, so the scratches never even bled as they only got dead skin, and my knee. Well my knee was the worse of it. It's badly bruised and hurts, but J has been helping me keep it clean and bandaged so it's not anything I can't handle. Plus, I can walk on it just fine.

Tuesday I went to the Social Security Administration building in Council Bluffs to request a name change and a new card. I have officially changed my last name to Ames. The only Ortiz left is my brother, which is a given. ;) But it's done with and OMG did they need so much stuff just to change it! I brought in my application as well as anything and everything that had my name on it. Birth Certificate (Ortiz), Old SS card (Ortiz), Marriage Certificate (Ames), Old ID card (Ortiz), New ID card (Ames), Health Insurance card (Ames) ... The only reason it took me so long was that every time I'd try to change it before I either didn't have enough "proof" or I forgot my stuff or I arrived after closing. Oh well, at least now it's done. We are now "officially" the Ames family and the only thing left to prove that I'm Hispanic other than my birth certificate is when I open my mouth and say something in Spanish. LOL. My English is so American that people can't believe it is my second language.

Nothing new here...just waiting for October...
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