Sunday, June 03, 2007

My birhday yesterday was awesome. Justin spoiled me with presents, well, more than he normally does, of course, and packages from both my MIL and mom came in the mail; such perfect timing.

We've spent so much money recently on home improvement things, like plaster and chicken wire for the basement (as it's plastered straight to the mud and just decided to begin to fall apart) and tons of other things for the house. J also bought me a new sewing machine and the first couple of projects will be curtains and pillows/cushions for the Lily's room, and cushions for the couches in both living rooms.

I had an exciting day. I probably would have posted about it much sooner, but I passed out at about 9:30 with Lily since we had been out and about all day. This weekend has been nice and very eventful. We still need to unpack and do tons of shit to the house, but all in due time, I guess.
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