Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I've been nauseous, and very tired lately, but that;s something you just have to deal with during a pregnancy. I feel that this one is another girl, the same feeling I had with Lily. The pregnancy is different, yes, but the feeling is the same.

J, the baby and I went to WalMart yesterday and he bought me a new wardrobe. Since I gained weight after having Lily, I couldn't fit in any of the new clothes I had bought after the first pregnancy. Since I'll be gaining a lot more with Iris, I just needed a lot of larger clothes. Some need a few alterations on the straps, but that's simple sewing that I can do and fix myself. They are nice. J knows how to dress up his girls. ;)

Other than the normal irritating ailments that come with being pregnant things have been well, in my opinion. My husband is awesome, and my child, though a little monster sometimes, is a good girl for the most part.
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