Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've been waking up at the ass crack of dawn for some reason. I've been up at 5 everyday since Sunday without any real reason to be. And then I'm mad tired by the time nap time comes. I like nap time, yes, but lately I've wanted to clean our bathroom, which I can't do in the morning because Lily is sound sensitive at that point and will wake up. I can't do it when she's awake because if I leave that child unattended for too long she's bound to break something.

I'm irritable and I'm crabby and I need to finish one of my finals and my period is late. Noticeably late. I checked my calendar just to make sure and I've had been menstruating between 34 and 38 days. It's day 40 and nothing. Some small cramps here and there, but nothing, not even spotting. It makes me nervous; I'm not worried or anything.

Yesterday J and I spent the day running around. I needed to get the facial boxes I had made for my Mary Kay business out. I had put it off for a week. That took up most of the time, just driving around, and the last place we stopped was at a comic shop that J wanted to go to.

I've been trying to stay in a good mood, but I always end up snapping at J if he's awake. It doesn't help that he keeps saying I'm retarded after everything I say. Yes, it really makes someone's day when your spouse calls you retarded every five minutes because you either made a stupid comment, got tongue-tied, were trying to say something and got your words twisted around, or just didn't understand something. Sorry that my brain doesn't function like yours but I'm not retarded and it really brings my self-esteem pretty low when I keep getting made fun of. *head-desk*

I woke up at 5 today but was able to get back to sleep after I stuffed my face with PopTarts, milk and juice. I've been up for an hour now and it was nice to "sleep in" today. Even Lily slept longer since I wasn't up making noise.

I'm so crabby....
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