Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am overly stressed out.

Lily has been a handful all day, screaming about the littlest of things. The word no is like a stab in the thigh for her and she throws herself onto the floor and throws a very loud tantrum. Her ear-piercing complaints have left me with a throbbing headache that won't dissipate. I've been working on my schoolwork on and off throughout the week and I'm still behind. I have several assignments and a quiz due tomorrow and I doubt they will be entered in time. I was able to catch up in my programming class, but I still have other assignments that need turn in.

I am so exhausted. I passed out last night at around 7pm. I have been spacing out my assignments bit by bit so I won't become too whelmed, but I still end up being so. My church is sponsoring a "Parent's Night Out" by letting you drop of the children at the common room and nursery and leave them in their care for three hours. I asked J if he was up for it and in less than a second a simple response of "Hell yes" echoed in the kitchen. Tomorrow from 5 to 8, we will be baby free and can go out to the movies for a change. It's been a while.

Sunday evening my local CUUPS is holding a Yule ritual. I am contemplating on whether I should attend. I'm thinking against it and just doing a small (very small, as in minute) celebration of my own. Next Thursday I can always make it up as it will be the actual solstice and I will have all of my materials (finally!) in my possession.

We leave Monday morning for Texas. I'm going to be so glad to be taking a break. A bit apprehensive as this is the time of year where my family tends to argue the most, but still welcoming the much needed rest. My family is going through some rough times, but I'm hoping they won't drag me down. With my sister's impending divorce, and my brother's depression over his recent split from his long-term boyfriend, and my mother's financial troubles, I'm the only one who is happy in life. True, a bit on the "I'm ready to implode" part, but still quite content with what I have and what I'm doing.

I am looking forward to 9pm, when J gets back from his English class and Lily and I can go to sleep.
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