Thursday, September 07, 2006

We arrived in Nebraska Tuesday evening just in time to make it to J's violin lesson. The trip wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. We were on the road for six hours on Monday and stopped at a hotel for the night somewhere in Oklahoma. Lily was hating her carseat by the middle of the trip. She was so happy to be able to crawl around on a floor.

We're living a little tight now, but it's worht it. We all sleep in one room, but we at least have enough space for most of our things. I barely took anything with me, mostly the baby's things, but we're hoping to go back to Texas for the holidays.

We've settled in quite nicely this week and a half. There has been a lot of communication, and I'm actually happy. I've accepted the fact that J won't always be around to help because he works the graveyard shift and needs his rest. He's also going back to school and needs to go to class. I've accepted that I will have to be a housewife for now because that's the card I've been dealt. We're communicating and that's what matters to me. He helps me out a lot and I try to not be such a menace. He at least understands now just how much energy is needed to take care of Lily.

All in all, life has been better. I'm not stressed out, with the exception of chasing after Lily who is sticking everything in her mouth that she can possibly find. Things are working out and looking up.
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