Sunday, December 19, 1999

Just Another Day

Yes, I know, it's been a long time since I've written---but oh well. Can you believe it? There's only one week until Christmas!! I'm so happy!

Well, I was on the computer with Humberto today. He, Johnathan and I had a conversation about how big my breasts had gotten. It was so funny.

I was going to send the picture of my school ID---my "big-breasted" picture, but my scanner wasn't hooked up.

Yesterday was a half-day at school. They had a dance and everything. I didn't go to school because I would have been stuck for 3 hours in study hall with Ms. Tomimoto!

Guess what! Jenny and CJ go out! Jenny was so happy Thursday when he asked her out. It's her 1st boyfriend---ever!

Well, changing the subject, Mamita got a pic from Gonzalez today. Everyone has gained weight---well, except for Berto---he lost weight. I was talking to him, you know, and he told me that Herman now weighs a little over 150 lbs! I was like---WHAT?!!? I told him that Anthony weighs that much---he said that Anthony was fat. I told him that Anthony is 5'9"---he was like "oh." Berto and John totally freaked when I told them that I could carry him piggyback. I started cracking up.

Well, It's 11 PM and I need to get my sleep. Goodnight and write to you laterz!
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