Monday, April 13, 2009

Stupid Allergies

My allergies are kicking my ass. We went to church yesterday and I had absolutely no problem whatsoever with my alergies. We were gone for most of the day, so even when I was at home it was just a bit of sneezing. This morning, however, is another story. I barely slept last night. All this coughing, and sneezing, etc is really starting to get on my nerves. Seriously.

I want to clean this house, but I also want to sleep forever.

Ugh. I hate feeling like death.

On a random note, a couple of days ago, J and I are at the grocery store and I keep pressing against my belly. Rose was walloping me to no end:
J: "Why do you keep doing that?"
Me: "The baby thinks she's a ninja and is kicking the shit out of me. Like this, judo-cock!" *kicks the air and then realizes vowel mistake* *giggle* "I said cock instead of kick."
J: "That's how you got pregnant."

LOL. Gotta love a ninja-penis.
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